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Precision Cement Trowels | Square-Square

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Kraft Precision balanced blade in square/square format.
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Product Name Price Stock Code Qty
250mmx100mm (10"x4") Sq/sq
Excl. Tax £31.14
Incl. Tax £37.37
300mmx100mm (12"x4") Sq/ sq
Excl. Tax £35.12
Incl. Tax £42.14
350mmx100mm (14"x4") Sq/ sq
Excl. Tax £34.13
Incl. Tax £40.96
400mmx100mm (16"x4") Sq/ sq
Excl. Tax £38.66
Incl. Tax £46.39
450mmx100mm (18"x4") Sq/ sq
Excl. Tax £37.46
Incl. Tax £44.95
450mmx125mm (18"x5") Sq/ sq
Excl. Tax £38.59
Incl. Tax £46.31
500mmx100mm (20"x4") Sq/ sq
Excl. Tax £38.94
Incl. Tax £46.73
500mmx125mm (20"x5") Sq/ sq
Excl. Tax £38.94
Incl. Tax £46.73

Kraft Precision Square Square

Construction professionals looking for the perfect item to smooth concrete in easily and efficiently will know they need a tool that can help them to remain precise in their work.

With a proform handle, this product could do exactly that, as it offers a strong grip that allows the operator greater control.

Furthermore, there is no need to break this tool in as this has already been done for you in the factory.

An innovative manufacturing process ensures the gear is ready to use straight after purchase, so all of your time can be spent getting the job done quickly and accurately.

Precision-balanced, this tool assists the operator in completing tasks to the highest level of professionalism, leaving a neat finish every time.

Each cross-ground blade is strengthened by a tough aluminium mounting, guaranteeing its durability and reliability.

This toughness is enhanced by the hardy carbon steel that the trowel is made from, ensuring a long-lasting product that simply won't let you down.

The proform handle, besides offering a fantastic grip, is also comfortable for the user, taking the strain out of a physically demanding job.

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