Wet Screed / Flood Poor Guide

'A practical technique for laying large or small concrete slabs, without the requirement for formwork, screed rails or shuttering'

3 easy steps to performing ‘Wet screeding' with a Multi-Vibe or Screed King

vibrate lase screed

Step 1: Pour and vibrate the concrete

Step 2: Using a rake and laser level concrete. Mark level with ' X ' at 2ft intervals.

Step 3: Vibrate through marks using Multi-vibe or Screed King and finish as required

Key advantages of Wet Screeding over traditional methods


Minimal formwork required



Lay whole slab in one day


Save hours even days on set up



Lay slabs without expansion joints


No limits on bay widths



Work around obstacles easily

Running on Forms

The multi-vibe and screed king can be run on traditional formwork, which provides you with a traditional beam screed option. Whilst this is a feature please note that this is not recommended as it creates excessive blade wear on areas contacting the forms on all vibrating wet screed devices.

If you wish to run on forms for achieving a higher tolerance then one of our other screeding tools maybe better suited for your application. Please contact us if you require more assistance.

It only takes seconds and requires no tools to change blades when using a Multi-Vibe . Blades are available in sizes from 4 to 24 ft [1.2mtr to 7.3mtr]

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