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Heavy Duty Curing Frost Blankets

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Heavy duty frost blankets provide great protection for freshly poured concrete slabs. Now certified with a 1.16 U Value. Sun and frost protection.


Our all new heavy duty frost blankets provide protection for your slab during the cold winter days ahead. Featuring a tough reinforced PVC outer layer the blanket is far more durable than the traditional miothene based frost blankets that are also available.

Each blanket covers a large 6 metre x 3 metre area which maximises coverage and portability

The slabs can be used to protect the slabs during winter & summer months. Each blanket features a dark side for retaining heat during winter and a light side to reflect heat during hot spells which assists in preventing early age shrinkage cracking and slab curling.

The blanket features brass tie down points at meter intervals which allows securing of the blanket. The design also prevents blanket 'curling', ensuring continuous contact with the slab surface to maximise heat retention to assist the curing process.

The blanket provides an R Value of 0.823m2/k/w providing a high level of insulation to protect the slab from frost

It provides a cost effective option for covering large areas and it's durable construction means it is suitable for multiple re-use and will out perform Miothene blankets in every regard.

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