Mesto Cleaner 180 [Viton Seals™]

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Mesto Cleaner 180 Hand Sprayer great for applying chemicals and cleaning agents.

1.5 L, for highly acidic liquids and mineral oils, FPM seals, adjustable nozzle.

The pressure sprayer has a fill capacity of 1.5 l, is made of plastic and features a level scale and a safety valve. FPM seals provide excellent resistance to many cleaning agents. The nozzle is adjustable and also made of plastic. The durable 1.5 l device is a reliable and long-lasting helper even with the most aggressive agents.

The CLEANER F1.5 is equipped with a protection cap and a specially coated spring for improved chemical resistance, the non-return valve therefore does not come into direct contact with the liquid. The closed pump head made of nylon protects against dirt.

Ideal for: Cleaning trade, industry - vehicle cleaning, disinfection, corrosion protection, impregnation.

Mesto Cleaner 180 Hand Sprayer

Mesto Cleaner sprayers offer the operative many advanced feature for the spraying of chemicals in an industrial environment.

Perfect size for spraying a multitude of compounds, and incorporating FPM Viton™ seals these sprayers are built to last


Device Description

  • Tank: Plastic with filling scale
  • Gaskets: FPM Viton™
  • Nozzle: Plastic, adjustable
  • Filling Capacity: 1.5ltr
  • Weight[empty]:410g
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