Liquid Hammer

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Liquid Hammer breaks down the bond between cement particles allowing the cement to be removed by high pressure washer. Safe for use It will not attack paintwork and most metals.

Liquid Hammer

Keeping concrete tools and equipment clean and free of deposits is incredibly important on any construction site, but unfortunately many people use harmful acidic agents to ensure this job is done, leaving their property vulnerable to the rust, corrosion and paint damage that can result from Hydrochloric, Muriatic and Phosphoric acid use.

Liquid Hammer is a non-corrosive cleaner that will not only protect costly construction equipment and plants, but also ensure the safety of the user and, as it is 100 per cent bio-degradable and will not affect stormwater run-off streams, the environment.

This product is powerful yet gentle and can be used on a wide range of materials including glass, steel, aluminium and painted surfaces.

Suitable for use on all parts of trucks, Liquid Hammer is specifically designed with the latest chemical technologies to remove concrete and can easily dissolve Portland cement. It gives just as effective a performance as acidic agents without the worry of damage to property, the operator or their surroundings.

You want power! Liquid Hammer breaks down the bond of Portland cement making concrete layers bubble up and release from the surface.

Liquid Hammer is a de-cementer and de-greaser in one!

Liquid Hammer is a proprietary blend of cleaners designed exclusively to clean concrete construction equipment. Liquid Hammer does not contain any Muriatic, Phosphoric or Citric acids. Our engineers have utilizes the latest chemical technologies to create a cleaner that was safe for the user, the truck and most important safe for our environment. Liquid Hammer is 100% Bio-degradable and will and will not affect any storm water runoff streams.


Best Practices:

Trucks and Machines: Apply LIQUID HAMMER with a Liquid Hammer Foamer . For heavy encrustation use at full strength; for daily washing, can dilute up to 3:1. After applying the product, let stand for 15 minutes in a shaded area; for best results let soak overnight then brush and rinse.

General Usage: Apply LIQUID HAMMER with Liquid Hammer Foamer and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes. Once encrustation has become paste like, remove with water pressure wash. Heavy buildup may require several applications. Pressure wash between each application. See application tab for details on our foamers.

Forms and Parts: Pour LIQUID HAMMER into a soaking tank, and insert forms and parts and leave overnight. Remove and rinse.

Tip: LIQUID HAMMER has been found to be most effective when used in shaded areas or during evening hours.


Test the Speedy Clean concrete dissolver is a kitchen size tester
Universal Plus Sprayer  
Free with a 19ltr drum of the concrete dissolver this provides a quick and effective method of application. The sprayer features FPM™ viton seals for long lasting durabilty.
Liquid Hammer - 8Lt. Foam Sprayer  

This portable hand compression foamer. This foaming unit allows you to spray Liquid hammer on a verticle surface. Binding to the concrete to allow the chemical to work. It also increases the surface area of the chemical allowing the product to go further and last longer. This foamer is great for cleaning large machinery like trowels, kibbles and screeds.

Just add the concentrate to the right level, add water and foam away!

Foam Pro - 25Lt. Compressed Air Foamer Sprayer
This foamer is ideal for heavy use and larger machines such as powerfloats, mixers, power screeds and anywhere where you have a large amount of plant & tools exposed to cement. The foamer provides thick chemical foam. This unit will allow the operator to clean faster and more efficiently

The foamer uses a 100 psi from any compatible air compressor. It has the following specs.

  • 10 meter foam hose
  • 2 wheels
  • 114liter per minute of foame volume
  • 0,5-3 liter/sec. at 2,76-5,52 bar
  • 25 liter capacity
  • Foam Pro - 50 Lt. Compressed Air Foamer/Sprayer
  • 10 meter foam hose
  • 4 wheels
  • 114liter per minute of foame volume
  • 0,5-3 liter/sec. at 2,76-5,52 bar
  • 95 liter capacity
  • 20 cm fill cap
  • Drain feature allows easy emptying
  • 8 meter foam distance
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