Laserstrike Screed Rail System

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Laserstrike Screed Rail System
The Laserscreed rail is the latest in innovative wet pad concrete screeding. It allows you to obtain laser accurate refeference to grade when flood pouring your concrete slab and using a multivibe or magic screed power screed to level your concrete.
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Laserscreed Rail | Single
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Laserscreed Rail | Dual
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Portable, Mobile Formwork for Power Screeds

Adjustable, light-weight, rapidly installed and removed, temporary form for accurately gauging the strike-off of concrete slabs, pavements, and overlays (down to 1½” thickness). Provides rigid, at-grade reference for all types of manual straightedges and light “vibra-screeds” (e.g. Vibra-Strike® units). Supported at ends either on previously struck concrete and sub-grade by float and manual screw jack, or on sub-grade alone by two manual screw jacks. Optional sand / poly pads can be installed on jacklegs. Can be configured to produce constant thickness slabs and overlays (i.e. to follow the sub-grade) by fixing the jack elevation(s), or to produce planar slabs and overlays by readjusting the jack(s) to laser plane as work proceeds.


  • 3m long by 51mm wide. Custom sizes / special orders available by request.
  • WEIGHT: 46 lb
  • LENGTH: 18’-6” (overall), 16’-0” (rail)
  • MATERIAL: Powder coated aluminum
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