Concrete Tamper | Jitterbug

Concrete Tamper | Jitterbug
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tamping tool in heavy steel


Concrete Jitterbug Tamp

On some concrete projects, you might want to have a smooth and polished finish.

But on others, you or the person who has hired you might be feeling creative and want to create a bit of a design.

Since artistic skills are not a job requirement for builders, you can easily create these designs with tamping tools.

The Concrete Jitterbug Tamp is just one good example, as it is ideal for use on smaller concrete pours and heavy mix designs.

It has been designed with practicality in mind, as it comes with useful features such as rubber grips on the handles that stop you from losing grip during delicate tamping work.

The Concrete Jitterbug Tamp also has a few good safety features in its metal frame, such as a heavy steel bottom.

This stops concrete from splashing on your legs while it is being used, allowing you to work safely and securely in the knowledge you are creating first-class designs.


  • Dimensions: 87cm x 91cm x 20cm
  • Weight: 6.6kgs
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