Jack Jaw Construction Stake Extractor

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Try the Patented Jack Jaw stake extrator for simple cost effective pin removal at the jobsite. Available in two sizes
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Jackjaw Standard Stake Extractor
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Jackjaw Extended Stake Extractor
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The JackJaw form pin and stake extractors make an easy task of pulling concrete form pins and stakes after your concrete is poured. With a single pump of the handle, most pins will break loose. The ergonomic design easily grabs the stake for a second pull, if needed. It is designed to remove round ? inches and 7/8 inches nail stakes, "T" fence stakes and string line stakes. Available in Two sizes 14" and 29" gives the user a choice. The JackJaw is available in two sizes. The Standard Model, is 14" tall. If you prefer not to bend over, order the Extended Model, which is 29" tall. The gripping jaws of the JackJaw? extractor are made from case hardened AR400 steel that will last for thousands of pulls. When it is necessary, they are easily replaced in the field using common tools to install the new jaws.


Handle Force (lbs) Gripping Force (lbs) Breakout Force (lbs)
50 1050 450
10 2100 900
200 4200 1800

The JackJaw stake extractors are made from heavy gauge steel plate and tubing to withstand the everyday job site use. Two holes in the 4" by 8" base plate allow you to attach it to a board for an even wider base for working in soft conditions. No paint to chip. JackJaw? has a clear zinc plating for lasting durability that will resist corrosion.

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