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Husqvarna VN85 | Green Concrete / Asphalt Blade

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The profile reduces surface contact of a new blade, for easier starts. Specially developed for use on power cutters, this blade is designed to cut any type of concrete. Special EL45 R developed for rental (diameters 300 and 350) with flat segments for better measuring of use.

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Husqvarna VN85 350mm - 25.4mm Bore 579817720
Husqvarna VN85 400mm - 25.4mm Bore 579817730
Husqvarna VN85 450mm - 25.4mm Bore 579809650
Husqvarna VN85 500mm - 25.4mm Bore 579809660
Husqvarna VN85 | Green Concrete / Asphalt Blade

Husqvarna VN85 Concrete Cutting Diamond Blade

VN85 Concrete Cutting Diamond Blades are specially developed for high performance asphalt cutting & green concrete cutting, equipped with segments for undercut protection.


    Easy fit

    “Easy-fit”, a bushel for bore hole expansion. Remove the bushel and you go from a 20.0 to a 25.4 mm bore.

    Undercut prevention

    To prevent undercutting, all diameters are equipped with a guard in the form of a support segment or recessed drop segment.


Technical specifications for VN85

Blade specs
Type Wet /dry
Power range, min-max 3.5-25 kW / 4.69-33.53 hp
Blade diameter range, min-max 300-500 mm / 11.8-15.8 "
Center hole diameter 25.4 / 20 mm / 1 / 0.8 "
Geometry Segmented
Segment shape Flat
Segment height 8 mm / 0.31 "
Segment base 2 mm / 0.08 "
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