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Husqvarna VN45 | Concrete Cutting Diamond Blade

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  • For applications requiring high-quality finishing of cut, Husqvarna provides three different blade geometries: joint turbo segments, continuous turbo and continuous flat rim.
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    Husqvarna VN45 500mm - 25.4mm Bore 543067245
    Husqvarna VN45 450mm - 25.4mm Bore 543067244
    Husqvarna VN45 | Concrete Cutting Diamond Blade

    Husqvarna VN45 Concrete Cutting Diamond Blade

    These blades represent a good balance between the investment cost and the cost per cut square metre. With the right blade for the job, Vega blades give you high cutting speed as well as excellent economy.


    • High-capacity concrete cutting blade.

    Easy fit

    “Easy-fit”, a bushel for bore hole expansion. Remove the bushel and you go from a 20.0 to a 25.4 mm bore.


    Technical specifications for VN45

    Blade specs
    Type Wet /dry
    Power range, min-max 3.5-25 kW / 4.69-33.53 hp
    Blade diameter range, min-max 300-500 mm / 11.8-15.8 "
    Center hole diameter 25.4 / 20 mm / 1 / 0.8 "
    Geometry Segmented
    Segment shape Flat
    Segment height 8 mm / 0.31 "
    Segment base 2 mm / 0.08 "
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