Professional Concrete & Bricklaying Tools

Professional Concrete & Bricklaying Tools

Husqvarna P1100

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Polishing Pads delivering exceptional gloss and clarity when used for dry polishing of concrete, terrazzo and some natural stones.

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Husqvarna P1182 543087439
Husqvarna P1183 543086573
Husqvarna P1184 543086574
Husqvarna P1185 543086575
Husqvarna P1186 543086576
Husqvarna P1187 543086577
Husqvarna P1188 543086578
Husqvarna P1100

Professional tools for wet polishing. Resin bond polishing diamonds for PG machines

  • Name: P1182, Colour: Dark blue, Diameter(MM): 76, Grit Size (MESH): 60, Diamond Height(MM): 10.0
  • Name: P1183, Colour: Yellow, Diameter(MM): 76, Grit Size (MESH): 100, Diamond Height(MM): 10.0
  • Name: P1184, Colour: Orange, Diameter(MM): 76, Grit Size (MESH): 200, Diamond Height(MM): 10.0
  • Name: P1185, Colour: Red, Diameter(MM): 76, Grit Size (MESH): 400, Diamond Height(MM): 10.0
  • Name: P1186, Colour: Dark Green, Diameter(MM): 76, Grit Size (MESH): 800, Diamond Height(MM): 10.0
  • Name: P1187, Colour: Cyan blue, Diameter(MM): 76, Grit Size (MESH): 1500, Diamond Height(MM): 10.0
  • Name: P1188, Colour: Brown, Diameter(MM): 76, Grit Size (MESH): 3000, Diamond Height(MM): 10.0
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