Professional Concrete & Bricklaying Tools

Professional Concrete & Bricklaying Tools

Husqvarna G1045/G1015

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For epoxy and sealer laying preparation

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Husqvarna G1015 540093472
Husqvarna G1045 543093474
Husqvarna G1045/G1015

Professional grinding tools for handheld applications, dedicated to floor specialists and construction professionals. The product range offers the highest performance in all floor preparation applications. The cups are provided with 22.2 bore hole and an M14 adapter in order to provide more options for the user. The anti-vibration connector decreases the vibration for the user and makes the job less tiring.

  • Name: G1015, Application: Hard to very hard concrete, Connector: 22.2/M 14, Grit Size (MESH): 20/30
  • Name: G1043, Application: Normal concrete, Connector: 22.2/M 14, Grit Size (MESH): 20/30
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