Husqvarna FS524 24" Floor Saw c/w Blade

Husqvarna FS524 24" Floor Saw c/w Blade
The FS524 is a fully self propelled 24" floor saw designed for professional use. Powered by a 24HP Honda engine the floor saw has ample power for large and small project alike.


Husqvarna FS524Floor Saw

The Husqvarna FS524 is a multi purpose self propelled floor saw designed to give the maximum performance for a variety of applications.

The FS524 self propelled designed ensures that a perfect cut is made everytime and it helps to maximise blade wear by ensuring the machine is travelling at the correct speed.

A comprehensive operator control panel facilitate easy operation of the machine to control machine speed and RPM's. An onboard water tank helps to minimize dust when sawing the concrete floor or asphalt surface. A large 8 litre fuel tank helps to ensure uptime and keep productivity levels high.

Powered by a 24HP Honda engine the floor saw has ample powered for a variety of tasks including cutting concrete slabs and road reinstatement projects. With the use of Husqvarna's slot cutting blades the FS524 can be used to lay cables for electrical installation projects.

The FS524 incorporates Husqvarna's unique patented Intelliseal™ blade shaft system. It helps to reduce overall vibration levels to give some of the lowest hand arm vibration figures in the industry but also allows for maintenance free operation for a minimum of 250 hours.

As with all our Husqvarana floor saws we supply thsi model complete with 2 diamond blades. The FS524 comes complete with 1 x 60mm blade for concrete cutting and 1 x 600mm blade for cutting of abrasives/Aspahlt.


Motor manufacturer Honda
Max output (As rated by the engine manufacturer) 15.3 kW / 20.5 hp(I)
Cutting equipment
Diamond blade, max 600 mm / 24 "
Max cutting depth 220 mm / 9.625 inch
Weight 231 kg / 509.26 lbs
Product size, LxWxH 1750x660.4x1200 mm / 68.9x26x47.24 inch

Blade Information

  • Optimal
  • Good
  • Acceptable
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Cured concrete
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Hard tiles - porcellanato
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Cured concrete hard
Cured concrete medium
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Abrasive material
Green concrete (abrasive) soft
Asphalt hard
Asphalt soft
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