Husqvarna FS400 LV 18" Floor Saw c/w Blade

Husqvarna FS400 LV 18" Floor Saw c/w Blade
The FS 400-series are convenient all-round floor saws. The adjustable handle ensures low vibrations and an ergonomic working position. Also, perfect weight distribution means excellent stability while sawing.


Husqvarna FS400 Floor Saw

Husqvarna floor saws are designed contractor tough, and this baby floor saw is no different.

The FS400LV is another great concrete floor saw from Husqvarna. Designed as a good all round saw the FS400 gives a low hand arm vibration through it's adjustable handle. It's versatile design allows it to cope with a multitude of tasks, making it ideal for cutting concrete slabs, asphalt reinstatement jobs or even electrical cable laying by utilising Husqvarna's latest slot cutting blades.

It features a large integral water tank which is great for keeping dust under control when sawing concrete and other high dust substrates. The FS400 cuts from the right hand side of the machine which helps it to maintain a perfect balance, making it easy to move and control when sawing.

Powered by a 13HP Honda engine it provides reliable starting on those cold winter mornings.

As with all our Husqvarna floor saw's we supply the saws with 2 high performance diamond blades. The FS400 LV comes complete with 1 x 450mm concrete blade and 1 x 450mm Abrasive/Asphalt diamond blade.


Motor manufacturer Honda
Max output (As rated by the engine manufacturer) 8.2 kW / 13 hp(I)
Cutting equipment
Diamond blade, max 450 mm / 18 "
Max cutting depth 165 mm / 6.5 inch
Weight 99 kg / 218.25 lbs
Product size, LxWxH 1150x590x940 mm / 45.28x23.23x37.01 inch

Blade Information

  • Optimal
  • Good
  • Acceptable
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Cured concrete
Roof tile
Reinforced concrete
Hard tiles - porcellanato
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Cured concrete hard
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Abrasive material
Green concrete (abrasive) soft
Asphalt hard
Asphalt soft
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