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Husqvarna F1440 | Cured Concrete Diamond Blade

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Designed for Large Saws in excess of 65HP these blades designed to cut Hard cured concrete. Max Size now 1500mm.
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Husqvarna F1440 500mm 25.4mm Bore 4.2mm width 586200201
Husqvarna F1440 1200mm 25.4mm Bore 4.5mm width 586201001
Husqvarna F1440 900mm 25.4mm Bore 4.8mm width 586200801
Husqvarna F1440 750mm 25.4mm Bore 4.2mm width 586200601
Husqvarna F1440 600mm 25.4mm Bore 4.2mm width 586200301
Husqvarna F1440 1500mm 25.4mm Bore 4.5mm width 587359702
Husqvarna F1440 1000mm 25.4mm Bore 4.8mm width 586200901
Husqvarna F1440 800mm 25.4mm Bore 4.8mm width 586200701
Husqvarna F1440 650mm 25.4mm Bore 4.2mm width 586200401
Husqvarna F1440 | Cured Concrete Diamond Blade

Husqvarna F1440 Cured Concrete Diamond Blade

The Husqvarna F1440 is a blade for cured concrete with hard (quartz) to medium-hard (granite) aggregate. The Husqvarna F1440 is a blade for cured concrete with medium (granite) to soft (limestone) aggregate.

Diagrip™, a revolutionary new technology for manufacturing segments, which yields superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cut. The F1440 is designed for Floor saws with power capacity exceeding 65HP so is designed for the largest of saws. Due to the power level on the machine for the smaller blade sizes in this range the narrow water slot in the steel core increases blade life. Recessed segments provide undercut protection. The shape of the segment ensures the tool cuts freely, from when you first apply the blade.


Technical specifications for F 1240 Diagrip™

Blade specs
Type Wet
Power range, min-max +50kW / +66 hp(I)
Center hole diameter 25.4 mm / 1 inch
Geometry Narrow slots
Segment height 12.5 mm / 0.49 "
Segment base 3 mm / 0.12 "
Segment length 40 mm / 1.57 "
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