Professional Concrete & Bricklaying Tools

Professional Concrete & Bricklaying Tools

Husqvarna CP1200

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Ceramic tools with velcro backing for dry grinding and polishing of concrete. Aggresive tool for grinding and honing of concrete, which will leave an excellent scratch pattern. Long life offers excellent value for money

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Product Name Price Stock Code
Husqvarna CP1241 577317004
Husqvarna CP1242 577317001
Husqvarna CP1243 577317002
Husqvarna CP1244 577317005
Husqvarna CP1245 577317303
Husqvarna CP1200

Premium tools for industrial finished concrete floor

  • Name: CP1241, Colour: Purple, Diameter (MM): 75, Grit Size (MESH): 30, Diamond Height(MM): 6.5
  • Name: CP1242, Colour: Dark Green, Diameter(MM): 75, Grit Size (MESH): 50, Diamond Height(MM): 6.5
  • Name: CP1243, Colour: Black, Diameter(MM): 75, Grit Size (MESH): 100, Diamond Height(MM): 6.5
  • Name: CP1244, Colour: Red, Diameter(MM): 75, Grit Size (MESH): 200, Diamond Height(MM): 6.5
  • Name: CP1245, Colour: Yellow, Diameter(MM): 75, Grit Size (MESH): 400, Diamond Height(MM): 6.5
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