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Gorilla® Shovel

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Incredibly Tough Plastic Shovel from Gorilla®. Great for multitude of tasks. Easy Clean, Nothing sticks to plastic!

The new Gorilla® Shovel is a tough Plastic shovel design for a multitude of tasks including DIY, Construction, Building, Clear up even cleaning out the horses!

When you first hear the term “Plastic Shovel” you’re not expecting something quite like this!

Manufactured from a very thick UV & frost resistant high grade plastic the shovel is jobsite tough

The Gorilla Shovel™ is a solid, single piece plastic shovel made from a very thick, high quality plastic which will be sure to do the same job as any other shovel, if not better!

The Gorilla® Shovel has these unique features:

  • Hi-Viz
  • Non Rusting
  • Non-Sparking
  • Easy Clean
  • Super-Strong Plastic
  • Durable, High Grade Plastic
  • Weather Resistant
  • Strong Beyond Words
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