Form Stake Holder

Form Stake Holder
unique stake holder that simply picks up form pins and keeps hands away from impact area.
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Stake Holder | Small 16-18mm
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Stake Holder | Large 18-22mm
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Form stake holder

Professional masons who need to drive form stakes into the ground at construction sites will welcome this excellent and extremely useful tool.

The product allows the user to simply pick up the pin and hold it in position while it is hammered into the earth, making an awkward job far easier.

Not only is the roadform stake pin holder brilliantly crafted and durable, but the product that we at Speedcrete have in stock is the new lightweight version - so it will also be less cumbersome and more portable.

Workers on jobsites can often suffer from strains and minor injuries that can make their tasks harder as well as reduce productivity.

Fortunately, this tool could ease all of those worries by decreasing the pressure on the construction professional's back and helping to prevent accidental hammer blows to the person.

It's also available in two different sizes, so that it can be useful when working with a range of stakes.

The larger tool can hold items of up to 22 mm, while the smaller product can handle pins of 16 mm.

In fact, we at Speedcrete are so proud to present to you this innovative item that we have included a video so that you can see it in action!

Just click on the link above to watch the clip.


  • The small holds pins to 16mm
  • The Large holds pins 16mm-22mm
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