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Rub Bricks

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Rub bricks

Construction professionals know it is important to have the best concrete finishing tools to leave bays smooth and even.

A perfectly level floor is vital not only for aesthetic reasons, but often for the stability and safety of structures.

That's why ensuring the smoothing of concrete is performed accurately and effectively is critical on the jobsite.

There is a wide range of products to aid masons in this task, with floats and trowels of many specifications available from Speedcrete to achieve the perfect surface in any circumstances or conditions.

Rub bricks are one tool that can help the operator work effectively and efficiently when finishing concrete.

Like many other products supplied by Speedcrete, these items are well-crafted and designed specifically for a certain task.

They are extremely accurate and sufficiently small and nimble to help the user maintain complete control over their work.

Because they are, lightweight, they are easy to transport and use without putting strain on the operator's body - a welcome attribute for the construction professional engaged in physically demanding tasks throughout the day.

However, they do not compromise on durability and are extremely strong and long-lasting, so there is no reason to worry about damage or the need to constantly repair and replace equipment.

One of the reasons for the toughness of the rub bricks is the material they are manufactured from - fluted silicon carbide - which can easily withstand the knocks and scrapes it may sustain onsite.

They are available in a wide selection of sizes, from 150 mm to 200 mm in diameter and 25 or 35 mm in width.

Meanwhile, the items have various grit-levels, with choices of 20 and 60 grit on offer to suit the operator's needs.

One of the rub bricks we supply is rounded and comes complete with a handle, which is great for helping construction professionals maintain control over their work.

The grip can also help masons to work in comfort, taking the strain from their hands while they finish concrete.

Meanwhile, the nimbleness of the handled product - at 150 mm by 25 mm - could make it suitable for finishing awkward areas that would be unreachable with more cumbersome tools.

Rub bricks are a great way to smooth concrete and we at Speedcrete are proud to have four economical products on offer.

So if you're looking for a lightweight, hard-wearing finishing tool, why not take a closer look at our selection.