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Trowel Sharpener

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Keeps edges sharp. Ideal tool for eliminating small nicks and dull edges of finishing trowels.
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Trowel Sharpener CF200
Trowel Sharpener

Trowel sharpener

Keeping concrete finishing tools in good condition is one of a professional mason's priorities, as a product's performance will be affected if it becomes worn down.

This trowel sharpener keeps your equipment in a good condition and ensuring you don't compromise on quality.

When blades get dull, this is the ideal tool to restore their former glory and if you are proud to own the high-quality construction gear you will be eager to maintain it and ensure it remains precise.

It's also a great product for removing dents and nicks from blades, where the tough conditions of the jobsite could be wearing down expensive equipment you don't want to be forced to replace.

Ensuring your tools are in good condition can also reduce downtime, thus boosting productivity, as it will not be necessary for workers to stop to repair damaged items or find one that can better perform its task.

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