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AquaCure Water Based Concrete Curing Compound

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Supplied in a 25 litre quantity, AquaCure S is a water based Sodium Silicate curing aid that help prevent water evaporation from the slab surface immediately after pouring.

This product is used to prevent early age shrinkage cracking when slab is exposed to winds or direct sunlight.

AquaCure S Water Based, Sodium Silicate Concrete Curing Aid

AQUACURE S is an aqueous solution of sodium silicates which when applied to freshly placed concrete penetrates and forms a microscopic crystalline structure in the concrete pores of the surface layer. This acts in reducing the loss of moisture by evaporation from the concrete. AQUACURE S becomes an integral part of the concrete surface. AQUACURE S can be used on concrete which is to receive further surface treatments or where a resin film forming curing membrane is not desirable due to the time the membrane film takes to degrade.


• Water based and odourless and therefore ideal for use in confined areas or areas of poor ventilation • Non-staining, non-toxic and non-flammable. • Becomes an integral part of the concrete surface, assisting in hardening, dustproofing. • Very economical spray applied curing aid. • Will not prevent the adhesion of most post applied surface treatments, coatings, cementitious mortars or tiling adhesives, etc. • Helps concrete to achieve maximum strength and therefore long term durability by minimising surface shrinkage cracking, crazing and dusting.

AQUACURE S is a curing aid and in the event of adverse climatic conditions such as excessive heat and/or drying winds, it is recommended that AQUACURE S is used in conjunction with a polythene sheet (at least 500 gauge) for at least the first day or in winter conditions with curing mats. Consideration should also be given to the use of highly efficient resin membrane curing agents instead. AQUACURE S must not be applied before powerfloating


Immediately after stripping of vertical formwork the concrete should be thoroughly dampened with clean water prior to AQUACURE S being applied evenly at a rate of 5.5 to 6.0 m2 per litre. On freshly laid horizontal concrete surfaces, ensure surface water has dissipated before spray applying at a rate 5.5 to 6.0 m2 per litre. Sprayers such as Mesto Profi Plus with an 8004 tip fitted are recommended for application and should be cleaned thoroughly after use with water.


Spray applied at a rate 5.5-6m2/litre.

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